Computer Repairs

Hardware and Peripherals


At the Internetshop we supply and build Laptops, Desktops, workstations and servers (including Internet servers), using only quality parts. We also supply leading brands such as Toshiba (laptops), IBM, HP, Dell, Compaq and Panasonic (flat screens).

As there are so many companies ’shifting boxes’ and not properly supporting them, we build and, or supply to order. We fully support our ’builds’ and make sure that they are easy to maintain, network and upgrade.

If a client wants to buy, for what ever the reason, from another supplier we offer a ‘buyers help’ consultation for only £50. For this we will analyse their requirements and come up with a specification that suits their needs, thus saving them from being sold the wrong solution. We are then available to support the purchase.


Whether we supply the equipment or not, we are ready to install, set up and support all forms of networking. From a simple two machine network, with a networked printer, to a full multi-machine, wireless or cabled, wide area intranet, with full Internet access and VoIP. In turn this can be integrated with the clients’ E-commerce and web sites — we have the experience and expertise to provide and support a complete solution.

Our shops have working networks so that a client can see the technology working first and assess their needs before having to make any decisions. Networking for the first time can be daunting and our promise is to make it easy, useful and secure.

Printers and Scanners

The Internetshop supplies all the leading brands and some quality generic makes. Unlike larger ‘box shifters’ we can set up, and support, the equipment and, if required, train the client in getting maximum usage, without charging a fortune.


We stock a range of ink cartridges, leads and paper which are priced at or below large store levels. All other items we supply to order; delivery taking from 18 to 48 hours.



The Internetshop has built up a ‘collective of experts’, who can write, set up, install and support software for businesses and other organisations. Whatever the size of the business the Internetshop can analyse it and produce an IT report up to audit level, if required. From this a plan can be drawn up to bring the client up to their most efficient and cost effective level.
In many companies this may be simply setting up Microsoft Office on a small network and integrating it using MS Outlook on a small, local area, intranet. For larger organisations it may require a bespoke solution fully integrating all aspects of the business including accounts, delivery, stock, sales and databases.
With the advent of E-commerce and the Internet our database specialists, among the best in the UK, can set up fully integrated E-commerce web sites. With properly organised and integrated systems the client can really achieve the ‘dot commers’ dream of making money 24 hours a day all year round.


Alongside our professional commercial service we also supply all mainstream software packages and can install, set up and support them. As we specialise in training, we are introducing a range of educational software, which will cover subjects as diverse as maths, history, photography, gardening, Microsoft Office, Windows, design and more.


With all the above we offer full software support services ranging from troubleshooting Internet ‘dial-up’ software to maintaining NT, Novel wide area networks with fully integrated databases and other management systems.
We tailor make our support packages to suit our clients needs and budget.


Most of the time we are at or below competitors’ pricing, however we always either quote first or the item is clearly marked.
All our software is at market prices ranging from £10 up to several hundred for professional of the self packages.
Bespoke solutions and support will be quoted and agreed before commencement.

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Recent projects

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